I’m Noah Pescitelli, currently I am a junior in college that started fishing in a small private pond and found myself obsessed with catching bass. I have been bass fishing for 10 years. I have played many sports and fishing was the only “sport” that I found I had a full passion for. I enjoyed fishing so much I wanted to fish every day! I started off with a small metal boat then moved up to a Ranger. I started my high school club that led me to fish competitive tournaments in which I began making videos. I really enjoyed making fishing montage videos that lead to how to videos as well as product reviews. I found out that other fisherman enjoyed watching and wanted to see more. I started Kickin’ Their Bass TV six years ago to share my love for fishing and to inspire and help others. My performance in high school along with my social media helped me earn an athletic fishing scholarship to college along with many sponsors. I am currently fishing the FLW and B.A.S.S. collegiate series and local tournaments. Stay tuned to my social media for updates! Thanks for your support!